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5 Steps To Get Rid Of Old Leaking Sectional Gutters And Replace Them With A Modern Seamless Gutter System

If you have old sectional gutters that are beginning to leak and cause problems, it is time to have them replaced. Replacing the gutters is one of the best options because seamless gutter systems offer you better protection against damage and more choices of materials. The following step-by-step guide will help walk you through the removal of old sectional gutters and the installation of new seamless gutters:

1. Evaluating Your Existing Gutters to Determine What Repairs Are Needed and Where There Is Damage

The first thing that you will need to do to prepare your home for the installation of new gutters is to inspect the existing gutters for damage. If you are planning on installing seamless gutters that have a similar style, you may want to leave small sections of gutters that do not have seams and can be reused because they are not damaged. In addition, you will want to plan other improvements like changing downspouts, improving drainage and adding gutter guards with the new seamless materials.

2. Deciding on the Style and Size of the New Seamless Gutters You Plan on Installing on Your Home

Once you have inspected the gutters and eaves where they are installed, you will be ready to choose the new gutter style to install. If you are not going to use similar gutters, there are a lot of options for the size, materials, and style of gutters you can have installed. If you are planning on adding rain collection, wider canals will improve the capacity of your gutters to collect water. If you want to have more premium gutters, you may want to consider options like copper for your new seamless gutters.

3. Removing the Old Sectional Gutters That Are Leaking and Deteriorating to Prepare for the New Seamless Materials

The old sectional gutters are going to need to be removed before you can repair damage and prepare to install seamless materials. Use a hammer and crowbar to carefully pry the sections lose from the eaves. If you are having trouble due to nails or screws, use a metal cutting sawblade on a reciprocating saw to cut the fasteners and remove the gutters.  

4. Repairing Damage to Woodwork and Other Materials That Should Be Done Before Installing Seamless Gutters

The sectional gutters that you are removing could have caused damage to the soffit and woodwork of roof structures. Sometimes, this damage can even get inside walls and cause problems inside your home. Therefore, you will want to repair damage to soffit and any other woodwork before you install the new seamless gutter systems on your home.

5. Installing the New Seamless Gutters, Downspouts, and Brackets That Will Hold the Gutters on the Eaves

Last, you are going to need to contact a seamless gutter contractor and have the new gutters installed. Ask them about options for downspouts, drain lines, and rain collection solutions when installing the new gutters. You may also want to install attractive brackets to provide better support for the gutters and consider other improvements like adding gutter guards.

These are the steps you will need to take to remove old sectional gutters and replace them with new seamless gutter systems. If you are ready to install new gutters on your home, contact a company that offers seamless gutter installation services for help with updating your home and protecting against damage.