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Tree Trimming, Removal, and Woodworking With Waste: 4 Projects to Turn Your Tree Waste Into Works of Art

Routine trimming of trees on your property is important to keep them healthy, as well as to protect your property from damage. There are also some problems that can cause you need to have trees removed. This often means that there is waste that needs to be dealt with, which can add extra costs to your tree care needs. Therefore, reusing waste materials for woodworking projects is ideal to deal with waste and keep the costs of tree care down. The following woodworking projects will turn your tree waste into works of art: 

Creating Log Building Materials for Children's Toys or Outdoor Feeders and Nesting Boxes  

Pruning trees often create a lot of waste that you do not know what to do with. Use these materials to create a set of log building materials for children. This can be done by removing the bark from clippings and cutting them into uniform lengths. Cut notches in the miniature logs to put them together. These logs can be used for children's building games or to create your own feeders and nesting boxes for wildlife.  

Using Clippings from Pruning to Create Decorative Lattice Structures and Trestles for Climbing Plants 

There are also projects that can be done by using the clippings from pruning to create a lattice, which can be great to build natural fences, decorative structures or trestles that support climbing plants. To ensure these structures last, strip the bark from the clippings and paint the materials with oil before you use them to build the natural lattice structures.  

Create Attractive Log Boxes with Large Waste from the Removal of Large Tree Branches  

The larger branches that are removed when trimming or removing a tree can be useful materials. A simple project to do is create wood boxes with natural log shapes. This can be done by cutting them to the desired length and cutting a flat bottom. Cut the top of the box from the rounded part of the log and attach hinges to it. Remove the materials on the interior to customize the box with the desired design and compartments.  

Make Outdoor Benches, Tables, and Furniture with The Largest Waste Materials from Tree Removal  

The largest materials from tree removal can be useful for things like sculptures, milling raw lumber, and making creative outdoor furniture. To start with something easy, cut logs into tables, bench seats, and other outdoor furniture. Remove the bark from logs and stain and seal the completed pieces to ensure they last and to protect them from weathering.  

These woodworking projects will help turn your tree waste into art and useful objects. If you need help with trimming, removal, and other tree care, contact a tree service and talk to them about leaving the waste for some of these projects.