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For years, I had problems with the way that my house looked, but I lacked the funding to renovate like I wanted to. Fortunately, I fell into some money a few years ago, and it made a tremendous difference. I was able to hire a team of professional contractors who could help me to create the kind of home that I wanted, and it was a really amazing feeling to have things underway. This blog is here to help people to know how to make their house into what they want by working with contractors. Check out these tips to start living like you never have before.

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Is Dog Drool Ruining Your Carpet? 3 Ways To Bring This Problem To An End

Being a dog owner is an extremely rewarding experience as a whole, but this does not mean it will not come without its hiccups every once in a while. It is natural for dogs to shed, make a mess of their food, and get their muddy paws inside the house when you are not paying attention, but they can also drool. If you have carpet in most of the home, this can become an issue when drool marks are spread all over. So, in addition to getting a professional carpet cleaning to completely eliminate the stains, you should also invest in several methods that will minimize the overall impact of dog drool and carpet damage.

Work on Preventive Measures

It is important to follow the patterns of drool to figure out how to prevent it from happening. Do they wait patiently at the back door for you to let them out for a bathroom trip? Maybe you should put down a plastic mat in this area to prevent their waiting around from getting drool on the carpeting. Other hotspots include the front door, food and drink area, and where the dog beds are located. You may also want to consider removing the carpet in some areas and putting in laminate, tile, or hardwood flooring.

If your dog is a breed that typically drools, you may want to restrict access to parts of the home. Keeping them in an area where no carpet is around will eliminate the problem entirely.

Get a Drool Cleaner

Drool can be tough to remove after some time, but you should be able to lift most or all of it out of the carpet when you catch it early on. It just requires the right cleaning concoction, in which anything that contains enzymes will be rather effective due to its ability to breakdown the drool itself.

Assess the Situation

It is perfectly normal for some dogs to drool at random times throughout the day. Certain breeds have their mouths formed in a way that allows the saliva to seep out from their mouth and onto the carpet. If your dog is drooling at an abnormally fast rate or in larger quantities than you are used to seeing, then you may want to take them in for a vet visit to check for health-related problems. Kidney disease, cysts, and tumors are a few examples of problems that could be leading to an excessive amount of drooling.

Dog drool is an unfortunate problem to have with your carpet, but there are quite a few things that you can do to minimize or stop their saliva from causing more damage to the flooring. Work with a company like Amer Carpet Cleaners to keep the carpets in your home clean and drool free.