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Installing An HVAC System? Get An Energy Audit Too

When you're installing a new heating and cooling system, you're probably interested in making sure that it's energy efficient. While getting an efficient AC unit can help, it also helps to do an energy audit of your home to make sure that your temperature controlled air isn't being wasted. Here's what you need to know about getting a home energy audit. 

What's the Idea?

A home energy audit can help boost your HVAC system by finding areas of the home where there are leaks in your insulation. These areas are potential spots where outdoor air can come in and mix with your heated or cooled air. 

What Will They Inspect?

A home energy auditor will use specialized equipment to determine where the leaks are in your home. The first thing they may do is use a powerful blower to blow a large amount of air through the home. Then they will listen and look for signs that air is escaping through cracks in your foundation or walls. The technician can also use a heat sensor to see whether the heat in your home is spread evenly. They may notice different temperatures around the cracks in your insulation, indicating that your heated and cooled air is mixing with outdoor temperatures. 

What's the Outcome?

The outcome of a home energy audit may be a map that shows which areas are lacking the most in insulation. They can give you an action plan that shows the order of areas to fix (based on your budget) and their recommendations for insulation types. Then, you can look for a specialist in home renovation insulation in your area like Mincin Insulation Service Inc. to flesh out the areas that need the most improvement in their insulation. 

Applying it to Your HVAC System

It's often a good idea to consider your home energy audit alongside a new HVAC plan, because one can influence the other. For instance, you may want to set aside part of your budget to get cracks repaired and insulated before you start building up your air conditioning system. This can affect the amount of money you have to spend on new HVAC work, so plan accordingly. 

If you choose not to upgrade your insulation, a home energy audit is still valuable. You may need to compensate for a poorly insulated home by having an air conditioning unit that is more powerful than normal for your space. You may also want to change your design to avoid areas that are poorly insulated, so as to not waste too much energy.