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Channel A Cool Beach Vibe With Your Bathroom Remodel

The beach is a classic inspiration for your bathroom remodel, probably because of the water connection. Designers have come up with many different ways to channel the beach vibe, from employing a beach color palette to including water-inspired art in the décor. As you plan your bathroom remodel, set the foundation for a cool beach ambience.

Cool Color Palette

Beach color palettes can be anything from sand and turquoise to bright pinks reminiscent of tropical drinks. For a cool vibe, opt for the former. In fact, consider an analogous color scheme of blue, turquoise and blue-green with white as your neutral color. Select one of the three colors as your base, and use the other two for accenting.

Two-Tone Walls

Better Homes and Gardens suggests utilizing white beaded board in the beachy bathroom. Select a height just above the sinks and toilet backs for this wainscoting. Use the base color you chose from your analogous color scheme to paint above the paneled rim.

Glass Shower

Water shimmers, and no beach scene is complete without something glistening. Glass tile glitters on its own. Have your bathroom stall tiled in your analogous color scheme utilizing glass tiles. It's not necessary to have only glass tiles in the stall, though. In fact, you could further channel the beach vibe by having a mosaic wave tiled into standard white subway tiles. Of course, to keep the tile work showcased, opt for a glass shower enclosure.

Beachy Vanity

There are so many options for your vanity. However, consider having your vanity constructed of the same beaded board as your wainscoting. Top this with marble or with granite that echoes your color scheme. For this construction, look for a seeded glass vessel sink. These typically come in shades of blue and green. The translucent glass shimmers just as the glass tile work does.

Tiled Floor

Speaking of glass, another option for adding translucency to your beach-inspired bathroom is glass tiling for the floor. A standard white floor of glass tile creates that airy ambience characteristic of the beach. However, contractors can get as creative with floor tile as they can with wall tile. Consider have a mosaic bath rug created in front of your beachy vanity.

Soaking Tub

Even more than the shower, your tub channels the water element of the beach. One option for your soaking tub is to select a white porcelain bathtub in a slipper style for maximum comfort. However, you could also have a surround built around an oval tub similar to a tide pool at the seaside. For this option, utilize the same tile work as in your shower stall.

Shimmering glass and an analogous color scheme transform your bathroom with a cool beach vibe. For more information, visit sites like