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Is A Wrought Iron Fence Right For Your Home?

Iron is literally one of the strongest materials available. This makes it seem a natural for a fence. In fact, wrought iron has been used for centuries as a fencing material. With a little care, wrought iron can last for decades. As you plan a fence for your house, consider adding wrought iron to the design.

Benefits of Wrought Iron

Besides the obvious strength benefit of wrought iron, this fencing also offers beauty. Iron fences range from the clean lines of modern to the ornate curves of historical styles. In fact, according to The Landscaping Network, historically ornate wrought iron was seen as a symbol of prosperity. Wrought iron fencing also features the added benefit of being easy to see through, thus allowing your house and garden to take center stage.

Styles of Iron Fencing

The traditional style of wrought iron fencing is a set of ornate spans broken up with brick columns. Each picket within the span is topped with a sharp filial to discourage climbing. However, many homes eschew the fancy style for a series of simple tubes.

Another style option is blending iron with natural stone or brick across the expanse of the fence. In this case, contractors install a low wall with the chosen material and top it with panels of ornate wrought iron. This option provides a little more privacy to your yard and is generally easier on the budget.

Wrought Iron Maintenance

Unfortunately, iron can be prone to rust. As always, the best defense is to take precautions against rust. For instance, keep plants and sprinklers away from the wrought iron as much as possible since the moisture promotes rust. Likewise, give your fence a once-over every now and again to check for missing caps or finials.

It's also helpful to clean the fence once a year. Pretend the fence is a car, and go at it with soapy water and a brush. Rinse the soap off thoroughly, and dry it with rags. Keep the car vibe going by applying a car wax to the surface to protect the finish. This is especially helpful in humid climates.

Finally, be diligent. As soon as you notice flaking paint or rust, attend to it. Scrape the area with a wire brush. Sand the target area down to the metal, and fill any pits with metal filler. Finally, cover the area with rust-resistant paint. Use a small brush or spray for application.

You can't beat the timeless beauty of a wrought iron fence, whether you opt for an ornate or simple design.

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