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3 Air Conditioning Terms You Can't Afford To Ignore

Like many homeowners, you might completely ignore how your air conditioner is working up until the moment that you notice it needs repairs. This is a habit you should break, since air conditioners require constant maintenance to guarantee that they continue to work efficiently, which keeps your energy costs as low as possible. You also want to be knowledgeable about the terminology of air conditioning units, to be sure that you understand everything you can do to continue to keep your energy costs as low as possible. Here are three air conditioning terms you cannot afford to ignore:


SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Why is this term important for you to know? Well, in order to keep costs low on running your air conditioner, you want to be sure that the SEER rating of your unit is high. Older units will have lower SEER ratings compared to newer units. If your current air conditioner has a SEER level of 12 or lower, then you should consider purchasing a new one with a higher SEER level. This is because 13 is the minimum SEER level that is used on air conditioners produced today, which means that anything below that is too inefficient, causing your energy bills to be extremely high and the value of your home to be lowered, as well. 


Having an air conditioner that is modulated is going to help lower your energy costs, since a modulated system helps to produce an even temperature in your home. An unmodulated system is one that makes you feel extremely cold when the air is on and too hot when the air is off. The reason a modulated system is better at controlling this is because it varies the level of energy that is used. On top of this, a modulated system will also control humidity levels, which allows you to set the air at a higher temperature since you won't feel as hot. 

Heat Pump:

You should know what the heat pump does to your air conditioner, since using a heat pump is going to help lower energy costs. Typically, air conditioners will use a refrigerant cooling system to lower the air in your home. However, it has been found that this amps up energy costs significantly. Instead, you can use a heat pump, which pulls the warm air from your home and dumps it outside. This is much more efficient and beneficial for your home. 

Knowing as much information as you can about your air conditioner, you can be sure that you know what needs to be done to keep cooling costs low and your home value high. The more energy efficient your air conditioner, the more financially sound you will be when it comes to controlling the investment you have put in your home and the amount you are spending on energy costs each month.

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