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A Guide To Choosing The Right Water Filter

Most people in developed countries take for granted their tap water being safe enough to drink. What many do not question is the definition of the word "safe."

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the standards for safe and unsafe drinking water. There are 140 chemicals that are in tap water that the EPA do not monitor at all. Furthermore, the hands of the EPA are tied when it comes to their ability to do their job because of lack of funding.

Leaving your family's health and safety to the EPA could be a life-threatening mistake.  This is why many families turn to water filtration systems. When choosing the right system for your needs, you want to consider the following criteria.

The Size

If you own your home, it may be best to have a water filtration system that will handle all the water used in the home. These systems are very large and usually are best installed in areas that hold other equipment. You do not want to install them more than once. Consider this a permanent water filter solution and have it installed by a professional plumber.

If you do not own your place, you want to find a smaller option. You can go for a point-of-use water filter that comes with its own faucet, a faucet add-on that you would connect to an existing faucet, or a pitcher filtration system. All of these options are smaller and less permanent than whole-house water filtration systems.

Filtering Mechanism

There are generally four types of filtration mechanisms. Each filters different types of contaminants and is useful for diverse situations. Most water filtration systems employ more than one of these mechanisms.

Micropore filters generally remove sediments and microorganisms. These types of filters are practical especially for older homes that have old water pipes. Don't count on this system to remove chemicals or anything that dissolves completely into the water.

Activated carbon filters are more sophisticated than micropore filters. These filters will remove heavy metals and chlorine. However, they are not effective for chemical contaminants.

Ion exchange filters are generally water softeners. They are usually designed to remove contaminants that are specific to geographic locations.

Reverse osmosis filters are the most expensive filters. They are also the most wasteful, sending much of the water out to the sewer. Reverse osmosis filters catch most of what carbon filters miss. The two are often paired in larger, whole home water filtration systems.

Maintaining Your Water Filtration System

There are no water filtration systems that simply work without your intervention. Whether you need to periodically change the filter, add some component to the stationary tank, or have a maintenance person, such as A Absolute Plumbing & Heating, inspect and clean the system periodically, there is always something that needs to be done to keep your system running efficiently.