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Understanding The Different Options Before Applying Spray Foam To Your Roof

Protecting and insulating your home is easier to accomplish when you know which products work for your needs. One option is to use some type of spray foam roofing, but you need to know which method will best suit your type of roof. For this reason, it is a good idea to look through the different materials and methods before you apply any type of spray foam product to your roof.

When it comes to the insulation, spray works well for reducing the amount of heat that can transfer through your roof. However, since you can find several types of spray foam, you need to know how to tell each product apart.

Insulation Layer Only

The most commonly used product is a simple layer of spray foam that goes under your shingles, which also resembles the same type that goes on the interior of your attic. Using this method allows you to reduce the amount of airflow and heat that can potentially escape your home through your roofing system. Generally, a roofer sprays a single layer of insulation before any other material is added.

When you only apply a single layer of spray foam, you still need other materials to protect the wooden base of your roof. With this design concept, you will have to choose a quality shingle and flashing for the final layers of your roofing system.

Stand-Alone System

Another type of roofing insulation is a stand-alone spray foam system. This method requires more work, since several coats of different materials are used to create the final look. Typically, this method is used to reduce the heat transference from constant sunlight, which may enter your home and heat it up during the summer months.

With the coating option, the roofer first sprays a layer of foam over the entire roofing system. Once the layer is in place, the roofer applies a protective base coat of silicone or acrylic. This first coating is light in color, which helps reflect the sunlight that can heat up your roof.

The next and final layer is a top coat that is speckled with small pieces of gravel to help protect your roofing system as well. The multiple layers are the best option when you choose not to place any type of shingles on your home.

Another advantage is that spray foam can be a very effective tool for reducing your energy bills up to 50 percent. It can also reduce the temperature of your roofing system by 100 degrees during the hottest times of the year. Therefore, spray roofing coatings may be a reasonable option for your home's new roofing system.